Sunday, February 10, 2008

Explosion in mobile wallets

In a report released by Edgar, Dunn and company (under contract by the GSM Association) today, an explosion in mobile wallets is predicted. Based on solid research, the report predicts a growth from 10 million wallets today to more than a billion wallets by 2015. If this were to only materialise partially, this would be the biggest financial revolution in the history of mankind. To grow from almost nothing to a third of the world's population would be nothing more than miraculous.
The interesting thing about the research is that it was based on the opinion of market leaders in the mobile industry. Executives in mobile operators (representing 30% of the global subscriber base) were interviewed and the results were based on their opinions. Another interesting finding is that wallets based on and utilising elements of the SIM card is by a factor the preferred technology for the deployment of mobile wallets. See a previous entry in my blog.

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