Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tridge Banking

The term “tridgets” made their debut in Barcelona, meaning mobile devices that depend 100% on the network for all controls and data. The term was coined (invented) by some-one in Accenture and it has been used in good slogans: "The first trillion tridgets".

As an aside, I was wondering where the inspiration for the name came from, when I found this little piece on the web:

"There were exactly fifty Tridgets, separated like stars on an American flag, perched upright, balancing skillfully on pegs that protruded from an angled board near the back of the booth. They looked soft, like chipmunks, no more than five inches tall. They had fur of variable designs. Some were spotted, some were striped, some were calico and some were patchy, with dominant colors of light grey, white or tan and accent colors ranging from bright orange to deep blue.

They had little pug, almost human faces, with little noses that curled slightly up. Their bulging eyes were blue, green or hazel. They all had tight, curly, tails that were similar, but fatter and much furrier than that of a pig. Perhaps the most adorable thing about these little fuzz balls were the large pointed ears, bent at different angles just below the tips.
" see webpage

Little "fuzz balls"?

Anyhow, I tried to understand the implication of our banking software now not just being available on mobiles, but also on Tridgets. This means we can now start talking of Tridge banking?

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