Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The conference bandwagon

The Mobile Money Transfer Summit arranged by the GSMA in Cairo was a huge success. The speakers speaking at the conference was a whose-who of the industry. The organisers ensured that many of the presenters where pioneers of the industry with clear stories to tell. (Some vendors were also given the opportunity to present). The number of delegates and the distance that they travelled indicated that the industry came of age. (Also see my previous blog-entry)

It is therefore no surprise that conference organisers also climb on the band wagon. This is a compliment to the GSMA and an indication that it is recognised that a lot of interest exist in this industry segment. A case in point is the MMT08 conference organised by Claion Events. In selecting a name for the conference that looks exactly like the name utilised by the GSMA have confused a number of vendors thinking that this conference is endorsed by the GSMA. Clarion also "mined" the speakerslist of the Mobile Money Transfer Summit and used dubious tactics to invite vendors to the conference. (Like advertising speakers not speaking and a vendor shoot-out with vendors not attending).

It is a pity that tactics like these are being utilised by unscrupulous conference organisers.

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