Monday, August 11, 2008

Manyy new vendors

This is the most facinating thing about this space - the number of vendors that suddenly appears from no-where. I was recently sent this article by some-one asking me what I think of this invention. According to the article, a guy called Conrad Sheehan explains that he has come up with a way to provide the mobility factor in the formula for ecommerce success. He calls his product MPayy.

Well here is my take: I see these kind of inventions literary every week. In a small town like Cape Town (population 2 million), I am aware of at least five mobile payments initiative at this time. New technology and an "innovative" invention with the potential of changing the way that people pay. What I do know, having worked in this industry for ten years, is that it is hard work to get these things to work. It is probably harder than any other industry, because of the deep impact on so many players in the eco-system of payments.

I obviously wish these entrepreneurs best wishes, but am wondering, why they don't try something easier...

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