Friday, February 20, 2009

Emerging markets have more to say

The problem with the developed world (regarding banking) is that they have an extremely complex and inter-twined eco-system. The banking and payment system evolved though decades to a situation where many, very powerful stakeholders exist in a (relatively unstable) balance. Large banks, payment processors, card associations, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders understand the game well and is so dependant on this game not changing. It is much safer not to inject change into the system than allowing radical things to influence the system (like mobile operators and new types of payments).

In this case, emerging markets are different. The eco-system is still young and often not well-developed. (Although the basics and the foundations are in place). These markets are faced with real needs and real by business cases for investments can be found. Solutions can look different and problems can be solved in different, better ways - without having to worry about integration to legacy systems. It makes a lot of sense to get on with the job in these markets.

The problem that I have with what I see, is that the first world immediately goes into a teaching mode...whereas maybe they should start learning and listening more.

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