Friday, October 14, 2011

Pacific Inclusion Programme; doing excellent work to bring financial services to the poor

Mobile payments enable the provision of financial services to the poor. It is one of the key building blocks to bring sophisticated financial services to communities that were previously excluded. The low cost of delivery, flexibility and ease of use makes this an ideal platform to deliver these services. As such, we are frequently introduced to amazing organisations working in this industry, making big inroads, often with very little resources.

One such an initiative is the Pacific Inclusion Program (PFIP), an initiative supported by the United Nations Development Fund. It is an organisation working in the Pacific region with the aim to increase access to quality financial services to the people of the region. (Read more here). A very qualified and capable team is working on diverse projects ranging from branchless banking to financial literacy. The team is working closely with central banks and contribute towards ensuring more friendly regulations to facilitate the delivery of financial services to the dis-enfranchised.

It is people like these that are the unsung heroes; working to bring quality financial services to more people and making the world a better place for more.

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