Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greenwich white paper highlights strategy to growth for mobile money schemes

Greenwich consulting is a boutique consulting firm with a good track record in providing advisory services to the telecommunication industry. Jean-Marie Letort and his colleagues have done many assignments, but have made a special impact in the deployment and operations of mobile money.

A recent white paper produced by the firm, highlights some of the challenges in making mobile money deployments successful and is worth a read. (See here). The report emphasise the fact that mobile money projects do not deliver on their potential.

A structured approach is described with the objective to boost take-up and usage. The white paper emphasise seven elements that should be considered and then describe a case study where the performance of a mobile money deployment was spectacularly improved in three months. The report is a must read to highlight the importance to not just think about the platform and deployment, but to focus on the operations and profitability.

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