Saturday, July 28, 2012

Monitise acquire Clairmail. Old news but important

Monitise announced the acquisition of Clairmail in March and this article should have been written then. The lateness of the article is a reflection on how busy I have become lately, but the post must still be written, because this is an indication of definitive consolidation in the market and this is extremely important as it points to maturity in the market.

By combining the clients, end-consumers and the sheer volume of the two companies, a clear leader have emerged in the UK and US in an important sector in the industry. Both companies offer their services primarily as a managed service to banks. By making use of this service, banks are able to offer access to their bank accounts by means of mobile phones, enabling a number of transactions previously not possible. The size and reach of the new Monitise in first world markets is such that they have now established themselves as the clear leader. (They probably now serve between 'n third and half the market).

Smaller players (and especially niche players) in this consolidating market is in a difficult position as banks must be considering moving their business to the market leader.

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