Thursday, February 14, 2013

Corporate mobile payments - another mobile money application?

It is amazing how many different (and innovative) applications appear now that critical mass mobile-money solutions are available in many countries. One could probably write a whole blog about these solutions. An angle that is worth looking at is the use of mobile money in the corporate world. A good friend, Killian Clifford (from Mobile Money Consulting), recently published a white paper on Corporate Mobile Payments (Read here). He looks at the different types of applications (paying suppliers, collecting debtors and others), he describes the eco-system and discusses the different players. It ts definitely worth a read.
The important take-away is that the availability of digital payments in emerging markets have changed the game. Tasks that in the past (constrained by cash-payments) were expensive, mundane and slow, can now be re-engineered to be efficient and fast. Not only can this lead to cost-savings, but it could allow corporates to re-think how they do business. Mobile payments can change the competitive landscape drastically. It is important that corporates in emerging markets embrace this, hoping that their competitors don't.

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