Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Kazang for Mobile Commerce

I visited the guys from Psitek this week. They are the inventors of that trusted voice access device that anyone that ever travelled to Africa would know about: the Adondo. Designed for Africa with anti-insect electronics, high temperature and humidity tolerance, their devices still ship with car-battery ready clamps. In many places in Africa, car battery power-source is the most reliable source of electricity available.

They have recently developed a new device called Kazang that I found very interesting. Once again built to withstand the realities of emerging economies, this device is ideally configured for proper Mobile Commerce, ala third world. It basically consists of a keypad, display and printer and it comes with lots of services bundled into the total package. Anyone can buy this device and start their own business selling pre-paid airtime, electricity and tickets. It can be utilised for bill payments and much more.

Clever little thing.

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