Thursday, November 29, 2007

More evidence of traction

According to a number of press releases today, Bank of America have reached 500 000 subscribers to mobile banking within five months. Amongst others, the story wqs picked up by CNN. I am of the opinion if this was the case with any other product launched by the bank, everybody would hail it as a big success. I looking at Bank of America's mobile banking offering, a number of things struck me:
  • A link to mobile banking can be found on the Bank of America home page. This is an indication that they view mobile banking as mainstream.
  • They have registered a .mobi domain-name ( No sense in doing this, if you don't view it as important.
  • They spend a lot of effort to demonstrate the solution, by making use of the media, special blog pages, videos etc. At least they understood that the public would only respond if told about things... and it seems as if they were right.
Now they just need to improve the offering with more innovative services.

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