Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reference to mBanking in French!

I just found out that Denis quoted my blog in one of his blogs. I am honored.
Denis, I would like to comment on your blogs too, but my French is only of an acceptable standard after at least half a bottle of good French Champagne. Unfortunately, my keyboard then is a bit blurred.


Anonymous said...

that's a good way to learn French! ;)
In fact this blog is written by myself. Denis is doing an other one "insiden" (also very good one !).

Christophe Spoerry said...

I think it's Philippe Lerouge, not Denis, who referred to your blog :)

Hannes@Home said...

My apologies to Philippe. I have now seen both blogs and am impressed. Would have been better of my French was better. I am looking forward to an opportunity to meet in person, as it is clear that we share a lot of passion.