Monday, May 19, 2008

Top five posts

I track the visitors to my blog, thanks to Google Analytics. I can report that the blog is being visited, and (hopefully) read. With an average time of almost two minutes spent on the blog (yes, they can measure that), it does seem that some people find some of the entries interesting.

As part of the feedback that I get from Google Analytics, I get statistics on the blog-entries that are visited most. Although not a statistically big enough sample, I started keeping a record of my top five blogs. Those entries that have been visited the most during the past month. I thought that this may be an indication of what people are interested in. Well, here are the top five posts on my blog:
  • Why SIM solutions are best for mobile banking (read here)
  • Airtime as Currency (read here)
  • Mobile banking in Africa (read here)
  • Africa as mobile banking benchmark (read here)
  • Important elements of mobile banking (read here)
I don't know what it means, but I thought it is interesting. Maybe I should write some more about these topics...

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