Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Money remittance and mobile payments meet

I stumbled on a very interesting website from a money remittance perspective. Mondato (Read more here). The company provides a mechanism to compare money remittance options from one country to another. As is stated on their website, "We offer a consumer search function to enable people to find options for money transfer...". No doubt, the intention is to provide services in the money remittance space.

Now click on the newsletters in the bottom left hand corner. The company provides a regular newsletter with well researched information. Some of the topics:
  • Android and Mobile Value Transfer
  • Hey, that phone owes me $50
  • Opportunity assessment: Mobile financial services market
  • Obopay and the evolution of global, mobile money
It seems that people that provide information to assist workers to find cheaper mechanisms to remit money are extremely interested in mobile payments...

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