Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Mobile banking will make the Soccer Worldcup a more enjoyable experience

This is a billboard that shows how FNB mobile banking will make the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa more enjoyable. As can be seen, it is now possible to win a Kuduzela if you use FNB mobile banking to buy airtime!

At this time, it is required to give some background information. Soccer supporters in South Africa have a unique custom. During soccer matches they blow on an indigenous "trumpet" called a Vuvuzela all the time. This single-note, noise generator creates an almost unbearable din. Some people have described this experience as similar to putting your head in a bee-hive. Enter the Kuduzela (a new kind of trumpet - shaped like the horns of one of the biggest antelopes in Africa, a Kudu). This trumpet generates a milder sound, much more bearable to the untrained ear. If it is possible to replace Vuvuzelas with Kuduzelas before 2010, we are guaranteed of a much more enjoyable World Cup.

And mobile banking is making this possible.

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