Friday, December 11, 2009

Strikes may be a way to drive mobile banking take-up

Mobile banking take-up has been quite satisfactory in most instances that I have been involved. It seems as if consumers see the benefits of having access to their financial matters by means of a personal mobile device.

Yet, most banks and mobile banking operators are looking at ways to increase uptake and transaction volumes. This is often stimulated by means of special offerings, an increase in promotional activities and the provision of additional features.

Finextra recently reported on a planned strike of financial services staff in Finland (Read here). The report seems to indicate that Finnish banks expect a growth in the usage of online services during the strike. This is a very positive side-effect of a strike I think. By withdrawing expensive services (and not having them available for a period - as if the bank is coping with a strike), consumers are in essence forced to use (the more effective) electronic channels.

Strikes (or temporarily withdrawal) of services in branches may be the most effective way to stimulate the uptake of mobile banking.... Just a wild thought.

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