Saturday, February 20, 2010

And now for the GSM's MMT Rio

One of the great things about global events (like the recent MWC in Barcelona) is the opportunity to network. This is an opportunity to meet the insiders and experts from all companies and institutions playing a role in our fledgling industry. This is the only way to learn about what is going on, what projects are in trouble, who is buying who and what expert would be interested in a job offer. It is a chance to meet new faces and to stimulate the brain with new concepts and ideas. It affords opportunities to meet clients and prospective clients. I cannot see how it is possible to take strategic decisions if one does not attend these events.

Many profit driven conference organisers have played an active role in organising these kind of events, but they have proliferated and often attract an audience that are not as knowledgeable as one would have liked. I have always found the events organised by the GSMA to be delivering the goods, The next event organised by the GSMA is the mobile money summit scheduled for Rio. Can't wait.

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