Monday, February 08, 2010

Mobile banking projects are like marriages

I always wanted to write this blog, but was worried that it would be understood in the wrong way, but here we go. I have had insight into many mobile banking projects (both those done by us at Fundamo, as well as our competitors - some that I have a lot f respect for). I have come to the conclusion that all of these projects are like marriages: many problems are resolved (and some not even), but nobody talks about them. These projects are presented to the outside world as being totally harmonious.

Mobile banking projects are extremely complex affairs, predominantly because it touches so many different parties. (The eco-system is very complex). Because of this, these projects are confronted by many instances where relationships between the different parties are tense. It is projects that tackle all of these issues and resolve them that ultimately deploy successfully. Strong partnerships often emerge because of the problems resolved by all parties involved. Yet, few people talk about the challenges after the fact.

The problem with this situation, is that newly weds expect a blissful relationship. New mobile banking projects often falter because the complexity are often under-estimated. It is important to tackle mobile banking projects with experienced counsellors, failing this, these projects could end up in divorce.

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