Friday, June 24, 2011

A few Tweets tell a thousand stories

A sample of recent tweets oof the most famous mobile banking.

  • Stuck at an mpesa shop in juja thanks to safcom.Unreliable as always.Leo nitapigwa ngeta aki!
  • #safaricomltd should buy more mpesa servers and switch them on, on fridays.
  • @hardcorekancil they are still working on setting up the mpesa in kenya
  • @SafaricomLtd Mpesa has been down! Forced to travel to kisii via my nakuru home coz i cldn't transact in Nbi.How can i do an ATM trnsction?
  • @armuisME: Who is still surfering at the hands of these wankers @safaricomltd ==>if it wasn't for mpesa...i'd be so off them
  • whats up with mpesa? is this back up? @SafaricomLtd
  • @SafaricomLtd why is Mpesa not working ??!!!
  • T @Ekymani c'mon safaricom @bobcollymore ..the Mpesa downtime of late is unforgivable?
  • @antwaRogue Mpesa iko down n my chums are there so u better have ur cab guy on speed dial incase we are stranded in town.
  • @bobcollymore sir whats up with mpesa? It is nt working. I appreciate your response in advance.
  • @shique08 i've tried my mpesa aint workin
  • #ThatWTFmoment when safaricom net and mpesa are both down #wtf
  • @safaricomltd whats happening to the Mpesa services.manze nimesota en i need to withdraw some cash like right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How predictable that everyone & they cousins have decided to go shopping with MPESA right at this minute.......
  • @emmalilbecky: Teacher:what does colour green mean in our flag? Njoroge:MPESA
The moral of the story is: Even if the delivery of the service is not the best, but you provide an indispensable product, mission accomplished

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BigChief said...

Wow!! I thought I was the only one who noticed this in Kenya. The complains start right from the airport but the question is why dont they leave for others like Equity etc? Habit? Ubiquity? or is it other Safaricom services like airtime sales etc??

I don't know the exact details of the situation with mobile number portability in Kenya but in Ghana it is a bloodbath. Seems Safaricom is under siege in Kenya but Vodafone is taking the fight elsewhere.