Monday, September 05, 2011

The business case for mobile payment applications

I recently saw an article about using mobile payments to pay for parking in New York. (Read here). This is of course not new and has been effectively deployed in many countries (particularly in Eastern Europe). This is one of the coolest and most logical applications for mobile payments. It is of course important to redesign the whole business process - to change it from a proximity payment to a location-independent payment. But the biggest problem (of course), is to build a workable business case for it. The revenue from parking revenue and the investment required to make it work, just does not do it.

For mobile payments to become ubiquitous, it is important that multiple business applications be deployed at the same time, based on the same payment infrastructure. The combined business cases now add up into a viable investment case. It is important to approach mobile payment applications in such a way, as it would otherwise never be realised.


lee said...

Agreed revenue from parking is not enough to cover the install but soon many different payment senarios will choice this option so the economies of scale will in time work.

Kaiser said...

Etisalat and DU has made the same in Dubai from last 2 years the service is up and running in Dubai and soon launching in Abu Dhabi.

Business Mobiles said...

It is a simple way to pay through your mobile for the parking in New York city, hope this could work fine in accurate way.