Monday, January 23, 2012

CGAP's rich heritage of mobile banking articles

Few organisations have contributed so consistently towards the establishment of mobile payments than the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP). I have written about their efforts previously (Read here and here), but felt that some of the recent articles, as well as their other efforts necessitates a seperate and new blog.

The contributors to the CGAP blogspace have consistenly produced well-researched, insightful articles. The collection of information on this space is probably one of the most comprehensive and best quality in the industry. The fact that the posts now span five years plus and that the editorial intention is to provide accurate information (rather than commercial gain), have made this such a valuable resource. Authors like Mark Pickens, Toru Mino, Sarah Fathallah, Claudia McKay, Prakash Lal and many more, should be complimented on their excellent work. 

Some recent articles that caught my eye were:

  • What can we learn from selling soap (Read here)
  • The case for more innovation in mobile money and branchless banking (Read here)
  • The lurking challende of barnchless banking: Activating the inactive customer (Read here)
  • Can mobile be "free" (Read here)
  • Boosting the business case for Agents (Read here)
  • Interoperability and related issues in branchless banking and mobile money (Read here)
In addition to the blog-space, CGAP also organises the CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest, provides advisory services and are sometimes instrumental in the sourcing of donors and funding. The research publications produced on a regular basis are also of emmense value. I salute everyone working and making a difference at CGAP. 

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