Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great mobile payments and branchless banking Videos - a limited collection

It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words - well if that is the case, I suppose a good video can write a book. In the early days of mobile banking some crude mobile banking video's were made - a clear indication that the product specialists could not describe what they wanted to build to the video producers. But since a few years ago, some brilliant little video-clips were produced - either to advertise a new service or to inform or educate stakeholders. Below are some of the best clips that I know of:
  • The first mPesa advert (according to rumour produced on a very small budget). (Watch here)
  • One of my favourite adverts, ever, is the one used for the launch of the product (Watch here). Telenor has subsequently produced a few more masterpieces (Watch here and here).
  • The documentary produced in collaboration with the Worldbank for Wizzit in 2007 was also one of the great videos (Watch here)
  • A delightful little ad (that I really enjoy) was produced for MTN in West Africa in 2010 (Watch here)
  • Great Airtel Money ad (Watch here)
  • Using local comedians in a series of adverts for mKesh in Mozambique was very successful (Watch here and here)
  • A simple, but very cute advert for BSP bank in PNG, was produced recently (Watch here)
  • The energy and pace of the Gemalto advert for their NFC product is a lot of fun (Watch here)
  • And many others (Watch here, here, here and here)

I am sure that there are many more and look forward to readers of this blog post posting links to others.

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