Friday, February 08, 2013

New Year resolutions - in February

I have way more ideas about blogs than time to write them all. So what happens is that blog ideas go on a list and then (when I have time), I write them. One blog idea that I had, was to reset my expectations on what I can get into my blog this year - a kind of new year resolution.

My life has taken a new dimension with more responsibilities. With new shareholders, working for a major corporation with a well-known brand, I have been extremely busy and time for blogging became less. Also my infrastructure changed (became more secure), which meant that I now blog with much more difficulty. On the other hand, I see so much more; what is now possible is so much more, and I would love to share more.

The fact that I post a new year resolution in February, is in some ways an indication of how difficult it became to keep on blogging. But here is my resolution: I will keep on blogging. My aim is to have at least one blog per week. I will try to keep on pushing the boundaries... but I will try and keep it short.


Unknown said...

It is the Chinese New Year so you are still covered :) I can only imagine how busy you would be now. Thanks for the resolution, we look forward to learning more from what you share

Connie Storom said...

Always look forward to your blogs and what's going on especially in the mobile financial space. I m ever so fascinated by how East African countries look for solutions that directly address their needs. Micro Insurance being one of the examples .

Creative & innovative minds are always at work. I m certain we will see your latest blog soon!.
Stay Blessed.

Connie Storom