Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Americans are getting more mBanked

In a recent survey conducted in the US (sponsored by Fiserv), it was found that 75% of US consumers would now consider using mobile banking if it was offered. This is up from 49% in 2006. (Read more here). As can be expected, security and cost were the two factors that concerned US consumers most. The most telling result of the survey in my opinion is that 23% of the sample surveyed have already used mobile banking in some form or another. I suppose that it was important for Fiserv to sponsor this research because they annouced the launch of their new mobile banking offering powered by MCom (from Australia) soon afterwards (here). This was a re-launch of the same solution announced in February 2008 (here). At least the solution will be available mid-2009 as a hosted solution as per the announcement. The press release also refer to this solution as "the industry's most complete mobile banking and payments solution"... It would be a good idea for Fiserv to do a little bit more research before making such an "un-informed" statement.

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