Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This was one of the most intriguing news articles that I have read in a while... I have always thought of BarclayCard as an icon in the business of credit cards. As far as I am concerned, BarclayCard invented the card payment systems - or at least made it mainstream in the 60's. They believed so much in Cards, that they incorporated "card" in their name: Barclaycard.

It was thus interesting when the CEO of Barclaycard (Antony Jenkins) said in a recent article that the future of plastic-cards was dead. (Read more here). He indicated that the chip currently embedded in an EMV-card can as easily be built into a mobile phone (or other devices). Of course he is right. I just wonder if they would consider changing their name to Barclaymobile or Barclaymo. I have checked both domains are still available...

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