Friday, March 27, 2009

Apple iPhone caused the recession

I just had a good chat with my friend Falk and we agreed (after an intense discussion), that the Apple iPhone caused the recession. The user-interface of the iPhone is brilliant for music and other multi-media. Anyone that has one will agree on that, but it is impossible to read and (especially) write e-mails on this interface.

With the growing adoption of the iPhone more and more people reverted to responding to e-mails haphazardly and this led to the downturn in the economy.

...not all of my postings should be serious.


Anonymous said...

The ease with which you can download helpful applications and games almost certainly meant that people were being more efficient and finding ways to relax.

If you take these two extremely beneficial things and combine them with what you've said then you most certainly end up with a recession. It can't be argued - it's science.


eshibui said...

This should have been your April 1 post. :)