Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feedback from MMU worksession

Gavin and his team is doing an amazing job at making sure that the mobile money initiative retain the momentum that it currently enjoys. The Worksessions organised by the GSMA is a critical instrument in making sure that the industry develops into a sustainable environment for all participants in the eco-system.

During the recent worksession held at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town, the following insights struck me:
  • The complexity associated with the establishment of a viable agent network. It is critical that the micro-economics of a typical agent be designed in such a way that it is sustainable for prospective agents.
  • The mZanzi initiative of South African banks to sign-up millions of account holders offers many answers. Dave Porteous' presentation on this topic was very informative
  • Regulatory dispensations are well understood by the experts and should not be the hurdle experienced by many. However, a lot of work must still be done to ensure that it is understood better by all.

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