Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Framework for Compliance

We at Fundamo have worked hard over the past ten years to find a mechanism to ensure that our clients' deployments comply with local banking regulations. During this time, we developed significant collateral that we refined with each new deployment. We produced a substantial document with a clever model to assist our clients to ensure compliance. We have called it a Framework for Compliance.

During the recent WWU worksession organised by the GSMA, we made a number of aspects of this framework available to everybody. This was done because we believed that general access to this information by all, will improve the industry's ability to comply. It will also demonstrate that the industry has a genuine drive to find ways to comply. While others may be surprised that this intellectual property was made available, we believe that it will improve the general capability of the industry for everybody to benefit.

Aspects of the framework will appear on Fundamo's website soon and players in the industry will be welcome to download this compliance framework.

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