Saturday, October 17, 2009

Congratulations to M-Com with their regional Gartner leadership

The first mobile banking magic quadrant produced by Gartner was recently released in the North American mobile banking report. It is understandable that Gartner produced this report first, as the majority of their clients are based in the North Americas, but this is not the full global picture of mobile banking yet.

One should congratulate M-Com on being judged as the regional leader (though with small margins). This is well-deserved given the product innovation and insight from this New Zealand based company. However, I do think that the heading of their press release produced immediately after the event is a bit miss-leading: "M-Com Positioned As A Leader In Magic Quadrant For Mobile Banking" (Read article here.)

The heading creates the impression that M-Com is a global leader in mobile banking. It is many experts impression that the North American market is definitely not at the leading edge of mobile banking globally. The products and services are not as innovative, nor visionary as many other products deployed in Africa and Asia. It is therefor a bit mischievous to create an impression of global leadership on the basis of a regional win.

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Hannes@Home said...

I just saw Sybase's announcement that they are also in the leadership quadrant. I know that S-ONE based on Fundamo technology is also in the leadership quadrant. Must be a busy quadrant...