Saturday, October 24, 2009

The "Spin" and "Hot air" of mobile banking

I have been told that flying a hot-air balloon can be quite scary. Many things can go wrong and one has to be extremely careful in understanding the weather patterns prior to a cruise. Best advise for some-one considering a trip in a hot-air balloon is to choose your partner carefully. It is important to only get into a basket with some-one that knows what they do and have a lot of experience.

The same with mobile banking. The pilot that you select for your deployments should be selected carefully. Some-one recently told me that the mobile banking industry is full of "Spin" and "Hot-air", and I thought that this is a good description of "mobile banking experts" that have not done many (if any) flights and are looking for customers to join them in their basket. The real experts actually talk little and are generally quite non-descriptive. It is my view that they are quite busy and their reputation usually does the talking rather than wild claims and too much confidence.

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