Wednesday, February 02, 2011

How to value mobile financial services ventures

One of the best quality reads on mobile financial services ventures and how to invest in them is a blog maintained by Tom Noyes (Read here). The information is well researched and Tom is very direct in his opinions - no beating about the bush. He recently wrote a lengthy article on guidance for investors in mobile money (Read here).

While I do not agree with all his conclusions it is definitely worth a read. Some of the frameworks presented by him is an indication of the companies that have briefed him on the industry. It is clear that he has not yet had briefings from a sufficiently large sample of the industry.

What I do find insightful is his conclusion (and I think he is particularly accurate with this). He warns against past transactions and state that big players in the US must still act and that when they do, will impact every mCommerce company. He is of the opinion that one should be looking for companies with an existing sustainable value proposition and a capable management team.

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