Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Summary of some high profile NFC payment announcements

Its official, if you do not have a NFC story, you are probably not serious about mobile banking. Since the announcements of Google and the implications of what Apple may be doing, NFC temperature has increased with quite a few degrees. I decided to look at the announcements during the past fortnight and group the media under high on the "will be able to index" and actual achievements. First the media releases talking about what will be done:
  • Barclays with Orange and T-Mobile to launch NFC system this summer in the UK (Read here) and probably also with Everything Everywhere (or are Baclays going to do two launches this summer in the UK) (Read here)
  • LG to launch NFC system in Europe next year (Read here)
  • Speculation on having NFC chips on iPhones and iPads (Read here)
  • VISA and Wireless Dynamics partners to do pilots in the UK and Turkey (Read here and here)
And the releases talking about things that have actually happened.
  • Softbank and Gemalto trialing NFC payment in Japan (Read here)
  • Futurestore in Germany tries out NFC payments and other transactions (Read here)
Still only just pilots, but at least something is running.

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