Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some worthwhile Mobile Money Blogs to read

I started writing my mobile banking blog in 2006. Since then the number of blogs or websites that published mobile banking/mobile money articles on a regular basis exploded. I have blogged about some of these in the past, but have felt that it may be a good idea to publish a collection of the best ones that I am aware of. It is almost impossible to keep track of all the blogs, as almost every month sees the initiation of another source of information.

Unfortunately, the moneyblog domain: has not got anything to do with mobile money, but rather is a blog for entrepreneurs giving tips and articles on how to make money on the mobile web.
Quite a number of mobile money vendors publish blogs. These blogs are obviously biased towards specific products, but are still interesting reads. Blogs in this category are: Telepin, Roamware and Sybase. Of course, we are all biased towards some product or service and it is important to keep that in mind when reading a blog. By stating a preference for a specific vendor in the beginning is actually not a bad idea.

Other blogs are maintained by staff (or collaborators) working at NGO’s, like the industry-leading blog published by CGAP (and that I spoke about in a previous blog), the GSMA mobile money for the unbanked blog or some blogs published by the worldbank (like for instance this blog as an example).

There are regional blogs (just focusing on specific regions). Mobile money Africa is definitely worthwhile keeping track of. Not only is it a prolific publisher, but also seems to be able to pick up on the inside moves in the market well. Mobile money Asia is also a worthwhile blog that I have referenced recently.

Then there are the blogs published by individuals. The Mobile Payments blog published by Brandon McGee has been around for a long time and always seems to be able to produce a good summary of most important trends and announcements. (the information do seem to be US-centric). A blog that sometimes touch on mobile money and that I personally enjoy reading is Digital Money Blog by Dave Birch. His writing style and insights is really worthwhile reading. Philippe Lerouge is a prolific blogger on mobile payments. Unfortunately his blog "le paiement mobile" is in French, but still worth a read (even using Google translation services). Also read Simon Lelieveldt's blog on Payments and Money.

Other blogs not mentioned are:
Mobile Payments World.
Payments News.
Mobile Payment Magazine
ePayment News

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Thanks a lot for aggregating the directory of these blogs. As usual you have been a great help for the payment professionals.

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